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One of the leading questions we obtain asked at our organization is how to convert PDF to Word format. It's an excellent question and one that, for the majority that have not had to looks like a basic one. There surely has to be only a button to do it. Not so.Pdf to Word Download

Truth be told, converting PDF to Word format is among the trickiest conversions available because of a quantity of factors and it's particularly interesting as numerous companies want to do it frequently. Also converting the wording and colours of the fonts accurately into a Microsoft Word format for accurate reproduction, and that's where the tricky part lies, although it's not just a matter of converting a flat PDF to an image.

So, why is it so difficult to convert PDF to Word? Once a dynamic document continues to be changed into a PDF, whether it's a flat one or perhaps a text-searchable PDF, the whole structure from the document changes and that's what makes it so hard for converting.

At their core, Word documents are much more advanced than that of a PDF document. Once a file has been made into a PDF document as we know them, they lose pretty much everything that they once had and just become an optimised image along with a layer on top that can read the text if it's been exported as a text-searchable file.

Whether text-searchable or not, it's still very difficult to convert a typical PDF document in to a precise Word file, extracting images, placing them correctly, along with the all important text. Simple OCR (Optical Character Recognition) programs are often used to attempt this, but at their finest they can extract the text, usually at about a 75-80% accuracy, however that doesn't range from the formatting from the Word document as well as the colour of the fonts and placement. This is the reason having the capacity to convert PDF to Word is really a complex field. Pdf to Word Download

They usually can only convert files which, upon export, have been made searchable by their text, although there are a number of pieces of software out there that offer to do it for you, some costing upwards of $1000. Because of this the words is far simpler to extract, however a larger quantity of PDF documents are generally converted the typical way and flattened upon export usually to shrink the file scale of the document. PDF's are often very lightweight files and also the extra layer of text hidden on the top may also be proven to double the dimensions of the file, so people often leave it out.

However this does of course leave this problem when the file needs to be edited again, leaving no option but to attempt to extract the file to a Word document so it can be edited and exported once more. It is possible to export successfully, although fundamentally, Microsoft Word is not an image editing software nor a layout software like Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress are, so are not meant to deal with complex layouts.


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